Safety to Residents

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Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council (MYT) Singapore, has proactively implemented technologies in their facilities maintenance regime. One of the technology adopted is the England’s RLS corrosion detection.

The RLS system allows the Town Council to accurately identify those corroded steel poles which poses danger to its residents. Only these poles are needed to be replaced instead of a bulk replacement when poles reaches a life spent of 15~20 years, thus saving MYT huge capital cost.  The system uses an unique electromagnetic technique, which not only advises MYT when posts need replacement but also able to determine schedule for next safety check.

The inspection is ongoing and is expected to complete in early 2017. The service is provided by M/s EM Services (the Managing Agent for MYT). This RLS system has provided another satisfied client with Cost Saving solution without compromising on Safety to the public.

Below is an article published by MYT in their monthly newsletter to its residents.